Free basic stat page hosting for all server owners

As the title says, the plan is to allow server owners to host basic page with player stats without ever paying a cent. To keep this service free, there must be no manual labor involved by administration, which is why a page-building user interface is being made to handle things automatically. The source code bits or compiled files needed for integrating stats and other functionalities with your server will be publicly available for download.

The basic page would be somewhat similar to this example, made for Mini Napoleonic Wars World Cup 2019.

Those who want more customization and features of their page would have to contribute by paying a premium monthly membership, the price of which will not be anything brutal, and which will include additional benefits on the website. Any custom features which are not available through premium interface may be added but will involve one-time coding/setup fee.

Contact me for any questions or if you wish to start setting up a page for your project now.


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