The List of Files Related to M&B:NW Server Modifications

Listed below are only the files that are important for server modding and hosting, which you may want to overwrite depending on your needs.

Their location is (game installation)/Modules/Napoleonic Wars/

actions.txt – Animations for humans and horses. Rarely will server side mods edit this, but it happens.

item_kinds1.txt – Item stats and code; horses and all things wieldable and wearable by game characters.

mission_templates.txt – Mission templates; the main code for behaviors in all game modes. Comonly edited by mods which change game behavior.

quick_strings.txt – All the strings (in-game words) which are not stored in the strings.txt file but are added dynamically by a modder (“@Strings like these”) end up compiled in this file.

scene_props.txt – Scene props (objects which make the scene, including the vegetation) and their code.

scenes.txt – Additional terrain data for scenes (data not included in scene’s .sco file). If you are downloading a custom scene, it will likely come with scenes’s textual entry, five rows of data which you are supposed to overwrite in scenes.txt. If uploading a scene which is based on one of the default scenes, you only need to edit it’s entry in this file if there were significant edits of the terrain, or to change the surrounding scenery type.

scripts.txt – Scripts (functions) called from all over the code. Likely to be edited by mods which change game behavior.

strings.txt – Strings (in-game words), all clients will sync with server’s strings.txt file, so you can get some cheap modding fun by editing these. If editing strings.txt directly, remember that no white spaces are allowed, you want to use “_” instead.

troops.txt – All default character types with their stats and starting equipment. There are not many server-side modifications in this file which will actually work, last time I checked you can use it to remove equipment but not add. Mods which deal with starting equipment would rather edit scripts.txt.

variables.txt – Global variables, modder may sometimes add variables to this file to track state of a single variable throughout the code.

If you want to look at these files on your local game installation, there is an easy way for Steam users: go to your games, right click on M&B:Napoelonic Wars and choose Properties. In Properties window open the Local Files tab and from there click the Browse Local Files button. This will take you to where the game is installed, and from there you can open the Modules folder.

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